Kopinor has 22 organisations of creators and publishers as members.

Council of representatives

Each member organisation appoints one representative and one deputy representative to Kopinor’s Council of Representatives, which is the highest governing body of Kopinor.

Member organisations of Kopinor
By-laws of Kopinor

Executive Board 2016–17

  • Tom Remlov (chair)                      
  • Arne Magnus (vice chair) – Svein Skarheim
    The Norwegian Publishers’ Association
  • Tore Slaatta – Trond Andreassen
    The Norwegian Non-Fiction Writers’ and Translators’ Association
  • Mette Møller – Ika Kaminka
    The organisations of fiction authors and translators
  • Hege Iren Frantzen – Arne Jensen
    Authors’ organisations within the field of journalism and criticism
  • Kari Bucher – Mari Aarre
    Creators' organisations within the fields of photo, visual arts, arts and crafts, illustration and design
  • Ragnar Bjerkreim – 1) Bente Leiknes Thorsen, 2) Kai Robøle
    Organisations concerned with the composing and publishing of music and the writing of lyrics
  • Randi S. Øgrey – Per Brikt Olsen
    Publishers’ organisations within the field of journalistic activities

Personal deputies are given in italic. The nominating organisation or group of organisations are indicated under each name.

Distribution Committee

  • Anders Skogvold (chair)
  • Hilde Sjeggestad (vice chair)
  • Monica Boracco
  • Reidun Kjelling Nybø
  • Halvor Kongshavn
  • Odd Steenberg

Nominating Committee

  • Ann-Magrit Austenå
  • Bjørn Smith-Simonsen
  • Esther Maria Bjørneboe

Arbitration Tribunal

  • Prof. dr. juris. Are Stenvik (chair)
  • Prof. dr. juris. Kåre Lilleholt
  • Terje Dahl Svendsen, Lawyer, LLM