Bolk – digital coursepacks

Bolk is a one-stop-shop for coursepacks to the Norwegian Higher Education sector. With the service, tailoring coursepacks is fast and easy.

Historically, providing course content has been an expensive and time consuming manual process. Bolk enables online custom-made coursepacks that are delivered quickly and easily to the students enrolled in the course.

  • Coursepacks can combine private and licensed works, and can be delivered in both print and digital formats
  • Payment will be per-page, per-student attending the course
  • Reporting and auditing will be executed automatically
  • Publishers get complete and accurate reporting on earnings and usage


The simple solution to digital coursepacks

Look how you can search, compile and order digital coursepacks through one single solution.

New possibilities for publishers

Kopinor currently has licensing agreements with universities and colleges in Norway, covering more than 250 000 students. Through this general Kopinor licence, the Norwegian higher education sector can copy up to a pre-negotiated part of any publication in the world.

Kopinor's higher education licence (details)

The Bolk service combines the rules of the current Kopinor licence with publishers' permissions to exceed the set limit through an easy-to-use interface, thereby offering a unique solution to efficient delivery of digital coursepacks on demand:

Kopinor licence

Allows for the same course:

  • 15 % of a book
  • 1 article per term
direct licence

May allow for the same course:

  • E.g. up to 30 % of a book
  • Terms set by publisher
Special orders Direct clearing by the publisher when
pre-authorised rights are exceeded

By introducing this online one-stop-shop, we aim to create value for all involved: rightsholders, publishers and users.


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    Further information for publishers, please contact

  • Georgina Bentliff Director, International Publisher Relations
    Email: Phone: +353 87 7765306